About writer Classic children's Picture Books by David Freedman and Illustrated by Mike Kelly

David Freedman established Classic Children's Picture Books to revive introduce something rare and new into children's literature; the timeless storybook that spans generations. Remembering classic kid's books like Ted Hughes The Iron Man and Richard Bach's classic Johnathan Livingstone Seagull, David's first Illustrated story for children Stunt Crow explores nature in beautiful reality brought to life in crisp and detailed artwork by Mike Kelly, telling the story of the ancient relationship of the Crow and the eagle. Told in a way that fascinates children without the need to over-humanize wildlife. After all, children love cartoon animals, but they love real animals equally.

As well as writing, David Freedman is an artist blacksmith, sculptor and writer based in Cheshire, England. For twenty years he has been creating unique pieces of sculpture and furniture, mostly in metal, also writing short fiction and stories for children. Most of David's time is spent staring into space, watching crows, drinking tea and whistling jaunty tunes.

To see more of David's sculptural work, visit www.davidfreedmansculpture.co.uk

Mike Kelly is a talented painter in oils, illustrator, designer, prop-maker and eccentric (the greatest artists always are...). Mike worked as creative director in the advertising industry for over thirty years in cities across the UK and has now retreated to a life in rural England where he can stare at chickens and mumble to himself.