Classic Children's Picture Books by David Freedman & Mike Kelly  Adventures in Nature
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Classic Children's Picture Books is a series of kid's story books that aims to inspire children and young adults with tales from the natural world. David Freedman's poetry explores nature and the struggle for survival, which is vividly brought to life by Mike Kelly's stunning illustrations. The aim is to produce timeless classic picture books for children to enjoy and parents and teachers to use to engage children with the beauty of our wildlife. Our first title in the series is Stunt Crow

 "Stunt Crow is a beautifully written and illustrated book with a message of courage and individuality. A little snippet of poetry and philosophy that will appeal to adults as well as children." Kitty Sewell, internationally bestselling author of ICE TRAP 

 Stunt Crow is a new illustrated book for children and adults by David Freedman, Illustrated by Mike Kelly

children's picture booksStunt Crow is the story of one crow on one day. A literal bird's eye view of avian acrobatics. Nature in its clearest magical beauty, wild and fast moving. Scenes that would be familiar to the first humans, unchanged and ever present. This is a story for children and adults. For anyone who looks up at the sky and especially for those that don't. This is a fresh look at nature, an alternative to talking rabbits, singing frogs, happy dogs and cats in hats, though we love all the above.

Here we have tried to show that sometimes nature doesn't need dressing up and that if we stand and stare, we can find wonder there.

David wrote Stunt Crow after a year of staring at a patch of grass in Cheshire, England called Tinker's Hill. Most of the creatures you will meet in Stunt Crow have scampered over that green slope, under brambles and into hedges, up oak trees and past the water's edge.

Mike was also staring into space when David tapped him on the shoulder and passed him a poem about a crow. Two years later it came to life, flew across the page in spectacular sharpness. It is film-like. A glimpse above the clouds. A new manga for the oldest of subjects.



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